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 About Us

Icon Builders has been working with clients in and around the GTA area, building homes that display their personal preferences and reflect the existing needs of their families.

We facilitate project management services for residential and commercial projects in the GTA and central Ontario. Our services also include custom homes, additions, renovations, and general contracting. Whether it is a kitchen renovation, or the construction of a complete custom home, our team of professionals is prepared to fulfill your necessities. Our designs not only meet your expectations but also help you to find the desired balance between your budget requirements and your needs.

Icon Builders design unique homes by offering a remarkable balance of traditional and contemporary styles. Our designs have a sense of great openness and efficient spacing, while at the same time they feel cosy and warm. Our passion for natural light and the use of natural materials in the finishing process will make your home seem alive. We are committed to building homes that are “efficient” and “smart” and strive to conserve energy, space and materials throughout the design and construction process.

Icon Builders is here to help.

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